Election Day Anxiety

Well, we’ve been awake all day, and the anxiety and number-watching on cnn.com has worsened from “compulsory” to “obsessive”. We are red-eyed and refreshing our pages on two laptops with mindless drive to know. Presently, Barack has less than 100 electoral college votes to go before he wins and the west coast is still voting. Meg’s got it worse than I do, mainly due to reasons listed in the last post. According to CNN, 60% of voters are most concerned with who gets tax breaks, and frankly I just refuse to be bought by a candidate. Just because someone slings my tax bracket a break makes me feel two specific things: first, that I am being bought, and second, I henceforth ought to have little drive to achieve a higher tax bracket because I will be shat upon when I arrive. Fuck that. You know why I voted for Barack Obama? He can write.

I understand what level of thought it takes to compose on paper and what kind of support it takes to compose well. After reading speeches he composed himself well over a year ago, I knew then (before he even became a presidential candidate) that he was at the very least a thinking man and at best a fine communicator.

From my stupid little corner of the room, weak communication is the single largest cause of discord in human society the world over and in order for America to regain its place among the elite nations of the world, we’ll need to begin at a place we seem to have forgotten. I don’t think that any of the Republican candidates are capable of communicating any better than a member of the American proletariat, and that is just not good enough. Sorry, Joe the Plumber.

Oops! More later.


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