Disgruntled mob/Aloof Rich Guy/Giuseppina/Newtonian Moment/Headline Guy/Pearl the Widow/Donna the Widow

Proletariat complaining about government bailouts of AIG, Fannie, and Freddie. They complain about how CEOs make more than they do (exponentially more) and drop a tidbit about some government official from New York having an airport built by his house, a snippet that is so obscure that it betrays the likely source of their information.

A man with a full Irish name acting aloof and mildly annoyed; he is guarding what he feels is his elevated station in life.

A 60-yr old Italian-Ethiopian woman raised as an orphan in a convent, moved to America in 1973 showing pictures of her afroed grandchildren, telling stories about returning an XBOX360, her experiences with silent racism in Nashville, IN, how she falls for men in uniform…she taught me how to say “I like you well” in Italian, she speaks five languages, was a stewardess for ten years, told Dawn and Heather to “wake up!”, she doesn’t get along well with women (they stole her Marine husband), and drives a black BMW.

Newtonian moment: man shrouded in low, furry hood bangs head against heavy, low-growing branch and wakes up in the profoundest sense

Man interacts verbally with newspaper headlines: “Hello! That doesn’t surprise me.”

Androgynous widow, “Pearl”

Widow, “Donna”, crying as she orders new checks without her late husband’s name on them


3 responses to “Disgruntled mob/Aloof Rich Guy/Giuseppina/Newtonian Moment/Headline Guy/Pearl the Widow/Donna the Widow

  1. Wait, who is this woman? I don’t remember her somehow.

    Also, I like these posts you’ve been doing, the small glimpses into people.

  2. hahaha! DAWN!!! It’s a different “Dawn”. This happened yesterday.Do you have a blog here?


  3. A DIFFERENT Dawn? How dare you replace me.

    No, I don’t have a blog here, just my one at livejournal (thestomachdream). But you’re on my google reader so I keep updates with all your shiz.

    Hey guess what. I’m in an airport right now. Going to stupid Detroit for the holidays. Ehh.




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