Sinus Infection Week

Yep. Got a pair of rusty 16Ds pounded into my cheekbones, once again. Megan thinks I picked this bug up in DC, but I ‘m not wholly convinced. Sure, I walked around one evening in the cold for a while. Sure, I weaved through thousands of people I’ve never met over the course of a weekend. Those things may have done a lot to soften me up, but writing, I think, is what did the Damage.

When I got back, my inboxes were black with messages and a fifteen-page short story was due on Tuesday. Arrival time (at home): Sunday midnight. I worked Monday morning 7:30 to 2, went to class at 2:30 and got home at four. Still exhausted, I fucked around until 7pm, at which time I started writing. Fast forward nine hours of hair-pulling, and I’ve got 11.25 pages of material, rugged. During that last hour, from 3 to 4, is when I think my body finally gave up.

I became delirious. Nodding chin and lolling eyes, I couldn’t hold the screen any longer. I fell asleep, and at 7:20 woke up for an 8:00 class. My creative writing workshop followed that at 9:30. After that night/morning, things went south and here I am a week later STILL WHINING. Unbelievable!

Everyone’s sick these days with something, but most folks on campus have this flu crap, which is to say NOT a sinus infection. Why has this become annual?

NETI. Fucking A. I’m using a neti pot for the first time tonight. I’m sick of being shut in.

The Neti pot worked, or at least it feels like it did. The face still hurts, and the voice is still pretty nasal. I told all of my friends tonight (two sets of them) that I wouldn’t be coming out, and all are disappointed. It feels a little better, but I don’t trust it yet. Better to wait, I guess. /sigh


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