Tectonics, cont’d

And so where was I? Man, I got that news so late last night that I just didn’t have the emotional resources to deal with it. The scene of course has changed, which allows me to get back to talking about future-stuff.

So I’m not sure if I talked about DC or not, but that’s priority #1. I want to be with Megan and am going to try every way that I can to make it so we can be together. That will involve scouring the city for work, talking to folks who might have leads, etc. I’m also going to try and ramp up my involvement with the school paper after spring break so that I’ll have a few published items to speak of when the time comes to show them off. The brutal truth of the situation is that people educated far beyond my level aren’t finding work. The only way I’m going to find anything (I feel) is through knowing people, and at present I know NOBODY in the Washington area. The climb’s going to be steep, I think, but I’m prepared.

Tantalizing option #2 is leaving the country. I’ve wanted to do this for years and I’ve spoken with a cousin of mine who’s in Kuala Lumpur and a professor I had who’s now living and working in the jazziest section of Seoul and they’ve both spoken very highly of teaching English as a second language. The deal is incredible: plane fare paid there and back, a free apartment, $15/month utility bill (on a high-usage month), and around $1,200 USD per month. Plus, there’s the opportunity to pick up a new language, gain an understanding of a new culture, and not have to wait in a breadline in America. Sounds pretty rad to me.

So that’s what I’m looking at. Either way I’m going to continue working with fiction writing. I guess I’d like to come back to grad school eventually, but might wait as many as eight or ten years before I do that. There’s just no point in going without a context shift between then and now, meaning to attend grad school directly after undergrad is an expensive way of cheating yourself out of an experience that is designed to enhance your understanding of a topic. The difference is what is being enhanced, you know.

Whew! Have I ever got a lot on my mind. Lately I’ve found it really difficult to complete even simple tasks: the grocery store routine has become foreign, the gas pump is rough…I just haven’t been present and I’m trying to help that by working out. Turns out running forward and not crashing into things is a whole lot easier than the checkout line. Card swipe = fail. Collect all bagged groceries = fail. Look stupid in front of the whole grocery staff = WIN.

Whatever. I’m not worried about it, really. I’m getting into pretty good shape again and that’s making me feel pretty good about potentially leaving the country.

Well, I left my car on campus and am going to run down and grab it. More on the flip. ❤


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