Subplantigrade Undercaptain – Rye

Woke up this morning with Rye whiskey

A woman on me

Our cigarette breath

a hot wall and damp sheets

barometer full in need of draining

third storey room in a strange town

mug and moppet bristled beard, untamed hair

drinking Rye whiskey and fingers scratching just wake me up


One response to “Subplantigrade Undercaptain – Rye

  1. I like that you’re posting more frequently now. I miss you and it’s nice to read. ❤

    I hope you’re well.

    You should move to Philly. I think you would like it. I’m going to be there over the summer. (Again, secret ploy to try and get everyone I adore in the same general area, but can you blame me? Plus it actually is a cool city. And not in the Mid West. And close enough to NYC (hour and a half by train or something) to go see stuff there whenever you want, but not have to deal with the crap that is NYC (I’m not a huge fan). )


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