Saint Aibert of Crespin

Dawn can never find mailboxes.

Brody has it pretty well figured that you shouldn’t send 240 volts to a furance…heat is back on!

Nicole has nothing to do with bitchassedness.

Jessica went to the school today and got her plans ready for next week. Back to work in 6 days.

Chelsea burned herself at work today…with Starbucks coffee. Oh the irony.

Crystal resents being hijacked….again.

Siobhan has groceries!

Lauren thinx jurnalizm is a stoopid major :/.

Melissa is wondering if Emerson will ever get tired of playing peek-a-boo…she’s been at it for about an hour.

Shilpa has made it to Africa.

Ariel jus got a new hair cut soNn.

Alida thinks coconut rice and pineapple is almost like a day on the beach.

Ryan has farm fresh studio clients tonight and more music video to edit.

Jeremy is only $300 short of his goal for Walk MS!

Dan is waiting

Kelsi is missing her Tobey very much right now. I sure hope he’s going to be okay. Miles is lonely without him.

Troy has found a happy place.

Annette has been moping around since last night… apparently I don’t know what to do with time away from work any more. Sigh.

Stephy is in Vegas for my birthday! w00t =).

Beth needs something for this headache!!

Lyndsay is having her patience tested!

Henry got his new phone already.

Michelle hopes no one will notice me eating dry cereal directly from the box while sitting at my desk in the lab.

John is teaching at Mooresville today and having dinner with Sarah

Nick is kind of “blah” today.

Eric thinks his parasitology professor is insane. And pretty sure he hates our entire class.

Heather just might be overwhelmed still.

Meghan is sick of the sickness…

Nikki is putting on her big girl pants.

Christie is very happy.

Craig hopes he doesn’t get extended.

Christine was a hair model yesterday… fast does it grow back???

James is sad because today marks the longest time of the year before more college basketball…

Justine finds it comforting that Robby and I are both in the office rushing to finish our papers that are due in a few hours…

Meghan is now excited for Wednesday… but has a full Tuesday before that.

Rob is workin…and another day closer to the weekend.

Chrissy has lots of things to do today, but is opting to spend the morning in prayer. Any requests? Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find….

Brooklyn absolutely loves the feeling of happiness! My life has done a total 360 within the last year and I’m lovin’ every bit of it!!!! :).

Aqshat is wondering where Macheda was…all this time!!!

Jessica is dreaming of HUGE Harmonicas and mini-guitars.

Joel is so excited about New Mexico and taking small little trips oh and moving to Houston as well, and New Orleands and ooo ooo the beach!

Sam is on page 260 of 1327 of The Riverside Chaucer by Geoffrey Chaucer. Sir Thopas.

Megan loves Star Trek more than you.

Tim wants to know what happened on House tonight!

April finally decided to take some days off next week…now what to do with those days…

Heather wishes she could clone herself. GRRR!

Denise is bored…going home to an empty house

Ryan is giving in and actually listening to Gin Blossoms on the way home from work.

Elizabeth watched exclusive clips of the new JONAS TV show on

Sarah wants to know why it is snowing in bloomington right now.

Cathal is vaguely depressed and feeling uncertain… about everything

Erin is starting to get her glow on!!!!!!

Didi is wondering wtf is with the snow.

JT is looking for summer housing…..

Brian isn’t enjoying this.

David is slightly stressed… no problem; mon!


Janna just got done working her weekend…Hopefully Tay will want to sleep in!

Erika is excited for Easter!

Darin woke up.

Leslie is glad she doesn’t reside in LaPorte anymore.

Frances is dancing with her Muse; each step another word upon the page of geniusness.

Shan is glad to back home…NY was crazy and not in the good way…No Love there man…No love.

Tyler is going to grill out and drink beer in the sun.

Jessica is going to work!

Timothy devient de plus en plus fou.

Brandon completed his first official 5k, and is left wondering how he let an 8 year old beat him.

Ryan is getting tired of yard work.

Logan is quitting again…again.

Tim is thinking the answer is his feet.

Mark made fu*king bank this month.

Maria is in Jamaica!!!

Nancy just joined

Sam is proud to be an Iowan today, especially after being in California for the Prop 8 disaster.

Matt just resigned his lease.

Matt had an awesome day today and an awesome review from the principal! Now it’s onto tomorrow and the interviews

Ryland has senioritis. Can’t . . focus . . on . . .work . . .

Maureen recommends The Drowsy Chaperone.

Julia loves you.

Nate wants to play some ball!!!!

Stephen is buzzin, packin his bags for a week in the rainforests on Borneo.

Andy has 4 days of fishing and drinking ahead of him; hell yeah!

Tim is now taking donations for any cause.

Mailboxes figured Nicole went with


has Lauren; she’s made new hair, almost like more music short of waiting to be found moping in Vegas

for Lyndsay already eating dry Sarah is parasitology; STILL SICK, putting on happy hopes…

how sad Justine finds it before the weekend prayer of


is dreaming, OOO OOO, on Megan; wants to take Heather to an empty house and actually show Sarah


her snow for summer, enjoying problem weather, done excited for Darin; doesn’t reside in Frances and not


is Jessica devient an 8 year old, is quitting the answer made in Nancy, an Iowan…


interviews on…work recommends Julia to Borneo and


is now accepting donations for any cause.


One response to “Saint Aibert of Crespin

  1. It’s true, I can never find mailboxes. They recently excavated the three that were in walking distance from my house.

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