Iranian Revolution

As I sit here and type, Tehran burns. US news media has dropped the ball in terms of coverage, but the UK seems to be all over it. Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and blogs are the only way info is leaking, as reports are flooding in that the regime has cut the city’s power grid to keep this under wraps. Follow on Twitter: #iranelection (this feed presently is receiving over 200 tweets a minute yet Twitter has eliminated it as a Trending Topic; sinister?). Here is media from the day’s events.

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2 responses to “Iranian Revolution

  1. Welcome to American media coverage. This important story together with SO much more receives very little, if any, coverage on orders from on high. The more you see this, the more it smacks of collusion. The media spoon feeds information to the masses as it sees fit. The public is told what the media wants to tell it and when. Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

  2. Oh, there is one American cable news channel that DID cover it. The cable news channel that the left hates the most.

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