Radio Silence

Oof! Admittedly, my attention’s been drawn elsewhere lately, most notably toward the GRE and a math course (the final course of my undergraduate career!). Also, I’ve endeavored to construct a music blog called w√ľnderkurant (like “Wonder Current”; just ignore the proper umelaut pronunciation because I’m an illiterate American, ;)) which has been getting a few hits, but not too many. It’s really a project I dreamed up, and here’s the premise:

While not excluding music reviews, I’m more interested rather in a person’s (any person’s) “interpersonal” relationship with a given song, album, artist, or video. Bluntly, “what does X mean to you” is what I’m after. The project is supposedly social, but I’ve received only lukewarm response from my Facebook friends; I’m realizing now that asking a person to detail what a piece of media/art means to them is asking them to examine and document an aspect of their relationship with media at large that perhaps is an uncommon thing to think about. Do people just want to be entertained? Maybe. Probably the amount of work I’m asking (even if it’s only a couple of words) is too much. I’ve tried to vary the work, though, from low-impact (time-wise) to high-impact (reserved for me, or so it seems): Folks can submit

  • playlists (whatever they feel at the moment, with a short explanation of why they chose those tracks in that order, if such an explanation exists)
  • feelings on a track, artist, album, or video (basically a personal experience narrative)
  • reviews
  • music video suggestions
  • tracks they’d like to share

And maybe there’s other stuff, but I can’t think of it right now. The site’s constantly evolving and is sufficiently pliant to accept all genres and methods of submission, and on that note maybe the problem is that the rules are too flimsy and therefore overwhelming. That could be it. Until more people become interested, I’m posting music videos (filter: must be “artistic”, as determined by me), Mp3s, and week-in-review spots until things take off, if they do.

I’ll get back to the Joe K/Being or Nothingness project when life slows down enough that I can. I’m right now surveying the country’s MFA programs, compiling a database, preparing a healthy writing sample, etc. and after all that is done I’ll regain focus on our mysterious friend. The work I was doing on it involved reading all of the texts which are mentioned in The Book and applying some Comparative Literature concepts such as: Being or Nothingness vs. X book: comparisons and contrasts, symbolistic identifications, etc. This morning I received an e-mail from the Individualized Major Program at IU, a notification that Hofstadter’s teaching a course on Pushkin’s “Eugene Onegin”. Would that I could take that one!

As design is one of my many interests, here’s a video of a unique method of creating a font. Hope you like it!