Reid Gower

There’s a handsome Canadian guy, Reid Gower, who is interested in space travel. Perhaps he sensed the furrow walls or perhaps, undergrad Philosophy coursework turned him off, but he’s on hiatus from studying at the moment and simply pursuing his interests. It is for this reason that I’d like to make this post another voice in the fugue rising up to support NASA in these times of fiscal insolvency. I am away also, pursuant of photography, culinary arts, video, music, and writing…learning about these things gives me pleasure the way creating free advertising for NASA has for Mr. Gower. I believe also that the governmental policy of only allowing the military an advertising budget has got to be brought to bear against the power of the public voice. It’s time the sleeping populace were broadcast a new dream.

Also, you can check out Reid’s work firsthand here: The Sagan Series

Read an interview with Reid at Mother Board: The Kid Who is Single-Handedly Making NASA Cool Again