Muay Bien

I find it charming when I read through other people’s blogs or scribblings and find stone-hard resolutions, the kind which no person chock-full of willpower and strapped lean with discipline could hope to wrangle for long. Here goes, then: I’m going to set myself to training to learn Muay Thai kickboxing. My idea is to train my body in Spain and learn the actual moves in Thailand.

Here’s what I need, or so I think:

  • jumping rope
  • athletic shorts
  • light training shoes
  • some basic t-shirts
  • small free weights (for shadowboxing)

That’s not much, is it? I have my mornings to myself and I’m up early anyway, so I OUGHT TO have plenty of time to get some training in each morning before the day begins. What is the training?

  • running: I’ll have to walk down to the farm path under the mountain and increase my distance just a little each day.
  • skipping rope: I’m not sure how long I ought to do this, but research will give me the number and I must alternate feet (rather than hop on two).
  • shadowboxing: Gonna have to learn the technique. With free weights in hand, I’ll shadowbox for X period of time to build up my shoulders.

Probably I’m missing something (like core training), but I can sub that in for one of these others every other day. Or so I say now! HA! I can hear my future self already, snorting while sipping beer, beard greasy with wing sauce, reading this resolution.

Training begins tomorrow.


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