Red River Gorge

Hello! I’m Levi, a recent graduate of Indiana University’s Individualized Major Program.  As I complete more work I’ll be posting it here so that folks can get a quick glance at what I’m interested in and capable of doing. I write short stories and creative nonfiction, and am actively interested in photography. Visit my LinkedIn resume here!

Update: So it’s 2011 and I hear that my name’s been mentioned in a book that dropped today. It’s called “The Psychopath Test” by English writer Jon Ronson. In this archive you’ll find the original unedited posts I wrote on the subject of the books. If you haven’t already, check out Muriloq’s blog as well as the Metafilter thread for more sauce on the subject.

These days I’m living in Spain, teaching ESL to somewhere around 25 students. I spend a lot of time now with my camera and am learning about light. I’m writing yet a bit, but not too much lately as this life-change has eclipsed my personal trajectories for the time being. Be my friend on Flickr!

All material © Levi Shand 2007-2011


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